COMPAL Logistics is a logistic consultancy company specialized in pallet pool management. Based in Murcia, Spain, COMPAL has a team of experts in pallet management with several years of experience in this field.

We have developed a specific software for pallet management as well as an exclusive infrastructure dedicated to minimizing the cost. The aim is allowing our Customers to pay the minimum for the pallets they use.

Every day there are more companies that use the pallet pool system to minimize the cost. Apart from cost saving, COMPAL also means time savings for the companies: we analyse the data, create the declarations, reconcile the invoices, deal with the supplier for the audits… it means that the company can focus the 100% of the time in what really matters knowing that the pallet management is in the best hands.

Let us show you the scope for improving with a free analysis and how we can save you money and time.


En Compal Logistics tenemos una hoja de ruta clara y establecida

First step

We know our customer. We identify all the locations involved (factories, warehouses, final customers, third parties…) in the production process and every type of pallet transaction.

Second step

In order to facilitate the cooperation, the second step is contacting the key people of every location to explain who COMPAL is and the way is going to be involved.

As soon as we accurately know the loop of the pallets, we adapt our software to the specific situations and need of our customer.

The starting point will be a physical count of the pallets in every location to make sure about the quantity and compare it with the electronical balance. This is necessary as we need to know that the starting point is

As of that moment, we just need to receive periodically from every location, a file with the inbound and outbound information of pallets. With this file, we can track every single transaction, find and fix queries or discrepancies, create and send pallet declarations on time and keep the electronical balance and physical in line. The invoices will be reconciled at the beginning of every month as soon as the supplier creates them. We will check that everything in the invoice is correct and, if not, we will highlight it to the supplier to avoid extra payments.

Primer paso

El primer paso es conocer el cliente. Identificamos todas las ubicaciones (fábricas, almacenes, clientes, terceras partes…) que intervienen en la cadena de distribución y todos los tipos de movimientos que se dan entre ellas.

Segundo paso

El segundo paso, con la finalidad de facilitar la cooperación, es la toma de contacto con los responsables y empleados de dichas ubicaciones.

Una vez conocemos de forma precisa la cadena de suministro, adaptamos nuestro software a las peculiaridades y necesidades que la empresa requiera.

En la fase inicial, se realiza un inventario de cada ubicación para conocer exactamente de cuantos palés dispone cada una físicamente. A partir de ese instante, cada una de las ubicaciones deberá reportar semanalmente la cantidad de palés recibidos y enviados. Esta información nos permitirá comprobar la coherencia de todas las transacciones entre las partes implicadas así como declarar a tiempo los movimientos a los proveedores de palés.

Al final de cada mes, al recibir las facturas de los proveedores, se conciliarán todas ellas movimiento a movimiento para asegurarnos de que no hay errores que supongan mayores costes a los establecidos por contrato.




e-mail: info@compallogistics.com

Tlf:  650 495 911 / 628 755 755

Centro de Iniciativas Municipales de Murcia (CIM-M)

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