At COMPAL Logistics we are fully transparent from minute one. The only surprise we want to give to our customers are excellent results. That´s why we want to highlight our modus operandi to clear all your doubts and fears.

Our profit is based on our success. If we can´t save you money, we don´t get anything from it and, nobody wants to work for free! Therefore, the first step is analysing the current situation of your pool of pallets and investigate feasibility of savings.

This is our roadmap

Previous analysis

We will perform a preliminary analysis in order to identify whether there are potential cost savings. This analysis is cost zero for our customers.


We have found areas that can be improved, then, ¡we can reduce your costs! In that case, we propose you the following: we will collaborate with your Company during a period of 4 months to analyse and identify every optimizable aspect of your pool of pallets.

Let´s start reducing costs!

As soon as we understand the improvements that can be applied, we will help you to undertake the necessary steps. The best of all of it is the simplicity of the system. We don´t want to change the way our customers work. In most cases those steps will be simple measures and good practices that won´t have any cost for your company and that will be easy to apply in the workplace.

End of the activity

We’ve been working together for a while, it is time to see the results. As you already know, our revenue depends on the success we had. The cost of our services will be a percentage of the savings so, whatever happens, the investment will always be profitable for you!

It has been a pleasure working together!


This is it? Is it time to say goodbye? Not yet if you don´t want to.

We have already proved that our system works, and it has created savings for your Company. We always want to minimise the costs for our customers and to keep this cost to a minimum over time.

At this point, we would like to offer you the possibility of delegate on us the pallet management. What can you get delegating on us the management of the pallets?

Make sure that the cost that has been minimised, will stay at the minimum over the time.

o Minimise the cost even more in the future if possible.

Working with us means that the resources that were focused on pallet management can be freed and your employees can use their time to the main tasks of the company.

Gain further knowledges of the “know-how” from experts in pallet management.

Free you from the worries of pallet management.

Receive detailed KPI with all the pallet information and joining the Business Intelligence era.

Still have any questions? Just ask!



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